Tomorrow – a1 Lyrics

Tomorrow – a1 Lyrics

Tomorrow – a1 Lyrics from the album “The A List” (2000)

  • Writer(s) : Christian Ingebrigtsen, Ben Adams, Mark Read
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  • You used to say that
    We will always be this way.
    Flying Angels lifting high to reach the sun were I
    Girl you know you are the one.
    Above the clouds I see you

    You know that when you
    You stop the rain and we will be together. Once again.

    Although I’m gone, remember me.
    Please be strong I’ll never
    Just hold on, to the memories.
    Coz while I’ll here, all I’m thinking about is

    I’ll always know the love you’ve shown.
    Means I’ll never be
    There’ll be times you wonder why.

    But seeing you with someone
    Used to make me feel so blue.
    But know I’m with you, all the


    From the moment that I looked into your
    All of my life I thought I’ll be there.
    By your side, I wish I’ll took the time to find the words to

    You know when you stop the rain.
    And we will be together once

    Coz while I’m here, all I’m thinking about is

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